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x burnt out
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Gender: Female
Location: Some random town in Illinois. | Age: 15 | Views: 536 | Updated: 2003-11-28 13:35:31 | Offline
more pictures here (they're kind of old...i'll get new ones tomorrow) ---> http://haley.punkish.org/pics.html

music = emo/punk/rock/metal. <33

goo goo dolls, incubus, foo fighters, thursday, u2, no doubt, zakk wylde, nirvana, sublime, billy idol, weezer, rage against the machine, dashboard confessional, jimmy eat world, the guess who, the beatles, rush, triumph, vendetta red, pink floyd, pearl jam, metallica, the white stripes, soundgarden, rooney, the vines, smile empty soul, the hives, staind, the ataris, rancid, OAR, queens of the stone age, led zepplin, guster, acdc, bad brains, bush, beastie boys, afi.


web design, dancing, rain, cuddling, kissing, watching movies, being eccentric, sarcasm, art.

my day is incomplete without some form of coffee. mocha frappucino, english toffee cappuccino, iced mocha...=D

needs a friend.

i'm not desperate, but i'm available.

"all we are is what we're told
and most of that's been lies.
it's like a made for TV movie
and I just blew my line."

aim; sadder days x

talk to me.

or comment at least.


it needs more cowbell...
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